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i need to yell

HOw the hell can i defend my feelings when all i get is a voicemail. every single time. how can he NOT understand why I feel ignored. I mean come on. Even if he is busy he could text and say hi or quick call to say have a good day. God knows I do it. What the fuck. that is no excuse. how am i supposed to feel seriously. did a boulder drop on your head? or does one need to?

And another thing. A friend is supposed to help another friend when they need it. HI YEAH I AM IN PAIN! I only asked you to help me pack things because I am in PAIN. NO ABBEY CANT HELP ME. She isnt my friend, i dont want her touching my stuff. You know when you need me you got me but apparently depending on you is like asking hell to freeze over. I dont give a fuck if you are TOO tired or you have your own things to do. BEcause when I'm doing something that doesnt matter to you. get a fucking clue... the world does not revolve around you. You obviously need your head checked. I sat with you int he fucking hospital i called into work sick, i took care of you... and you cant help me pack some boxes? I am not asking for blood here. You know nevermind because if i want anything to get done I have to do it because you flake too much and i hate that. Im moving home and you act like its nothing. you were supposed to be my best friend. but guess what thats not what a best friend does. im tired of doing everything for you i am not your slave. you need a huge reality check. I am so fucking pissed at you. I do so goddamn much for you and you cant help me with one thing that i actually ask you to help me with. I can't believe it. its such bullshit jessica. pure bullshit. You cry to me everytime someone does this to you and look you are doing it to me. i swear. you are more worried about you than anybody else. im sorry my frienship with you is not going to work like that.
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