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so i ditched school today. (big surprise i know) but when its 7:30 am and you cant find your roommates keys to move her car, class just doesnt seem worth it. haha. so i ate pizza for breakfast and watched a rerun of buffy. NOW im actually doing laundry. i figured since i dont have anymore jeans underwear or socks or sweatshirts, i should probably use a washer and dryer.

Last night I made a collage of my vocare retreat. which by the way was really really cool. I learned a lot about myself and found people that just accept me. I mean there were a lot of pet peeves "you have this much time" and being on lock down in a preschool prison, but i had a relatively good time. I got to know a lot of people, and sing a lot of jesus songs that brought me back to junior high. They fed us on the hour every hour and my group was really cool, even though we were kinds the trouble maker group. heh. YEAH GROUP 2. I'll probably go to the reunion thingy on may 7th.

I have exactly 17 days that have school in the agenda, which means 68 hours of some kind of academic work. i could pee my pants with excitement. really. i could. don't think I'm lying.

Abbey and I are getting along. it only took 8 months. ha.

my laundry in the washer is done. I should probably relocate it to the dryer. yet i dont want to get up. oh well.

Odly enough Im looking forward to going home for the summer. no bills. thats what i want. no rent. just work (ew) and school (yeah, summer school).

lets see.... i think thats it. I need to like clean my room or something. its rather messy and i think theres a strange smell. wheres the febreze...
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