:+: I Would Die 4 U :+: (krazykbear) wrote,
:+: I Would Die 4 U :+:

So I love VH1, and I love the 90's. Man I am still trippin over crystal pepsi and being the dork that I am I looked on ebay and THEY SELL CRYSTAL PEPSI, I am dying, I may even pee my pants. It was 47 dollars for 2 cans and a glass bottle. I mean thats classic. Crystal pepsi.... my god.

So its mothers day and I cant be with my mom which makes me sad. Not only that but I drive out here to my sisters and no one is home. I feel so loved.

Ive been bummed about this guy and I really dont like being a girl and getting attatched and all that. I work so hard at being independent that being crazy over this guy kinda makes me not want to talk to him. That probably doesnt make sense but it does to me and this is my journal so there.

I went to the vocare reunion and it was good. we had a good talk about communion and what it means and symbolizes. not to mention some good pizza and soda. I hope im here maybe for the next little get together.

other than that I havent done much so yeah.
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